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Availability : Salvia divinorum live plants; Salvia divinorum dried leaf packs; other interesting active plants such as Calea zacatechichi (Dream Herb), Heimia salicifolia (Sinicuichi, Sun Opener), Banisteriosis caapii (Ayahuasca), Psychotria carthaginensis, Solandra grandiflora,... on demand.

Offer & Prices :
Salvia divinorum live plant 15 - 25 cm = 9 Euro (actual availability: 10 or a bit more plants; some plants should be available to the end of season / november)

dried leafs pack: 20 grams = 10 Euro (now available)

dried leafs pack: 50 grams = 24 Euro (now available)

dried leafs pack: 250 grams = 100 Euro (now available)

dried leafs pack: 1000 grams = 350 Euro (please ask about actual availability)

Postage : 10 Euro (to EU countries) / 12 Euro (to the rest of world); including packing rate (shipped directly from European Union)
Payment : Bank transfer (prefered, no fees charged); or upon your suggestion

How to buy : Use e-mail or this form. State full particulars as amount of plants or dried leaf packs you want, payment method, your name and delivery address. We will send you total price offer with all details you need. Please note: Minimal order is 2 plants! (If you are not ordering dried leafs only of course.) Before placing an order check your local law satus, please.

e-mail :  salvia (at) plantae (dot) sk Pre-order form:

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